2016-2017 Program

Each year, Women in House takes a group of accomplished McGill women on a fully funded two-day trip to Ottawa, during which time they have the opportunity to shadow a female MP or Senator in addition to attending talks and panel discussions and other exciting events. The 2016-17 program took place on November 16 and 17, 2016.

2016-17 Coordinators

Malaya Powers


From: Vancouver, British Columbia

Program: BA, Honours Political Science, Minor in Sexual Diversity Studies and East Asian Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts

Since a very young age, I have been a fierce feminist and immensely interested in politics. However, it was my participation in the 2014 Women in House Program during my second year of university that inspired me to join a political party, run for the presidency of a political group on campus and join the executive of a feminist group at McGill. Being awarded the incredible opportunity to meet and surround myself with such strong female role models changed my life through the program’s power to motivate women, and I couldn’t be more excited to help recreate this experience for other women.

I look forward to continuing to apply an intersectional approach to the program and including as many diverse voices as possible. I look forward to meeting you all!

Simone Cavanaugh


From: Montreal, Quebec

Program: BCL/ LL.B, Major in International Human Rights and Development, Faculty of Law

My experience as a participant for the 2015-2016 Women in House program was incredibly empowering. It was a great opportunity to fill any gaps in my knowledge about how the political system functions in principle, how it functions in practice, and the challenges women on the Hill have been overcoming for decades, side by side. I am excited to coordinate this year’s program along side an exceptional team to enable another group of McGill women to discover and develop their political penchants.

As a woman with a chronic illness/disability and a lifelong human rights activist, I have experienced how important it is to have a diverse range of voices sitting at the table for real change to take place. This year is an important one in Canadian politics as many new government programs and initiatives are underway, I am certain this will make for an eventful and meaningful experience for all our incoming participants. I can’t wait!

Rosie Long Decter

1052211_10152751017699381_2401501618665038726_o (1)

From: Toronto, Ontario

Program: BA, Joint Honours Political Science and English – Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts

Women in House was one of my first formative experiences at McGill. As a nervous first-year, the program provided me with inspiring female role models and encouraged me to take on campus leadership roles, such as working as an editor at The McGill Daily newspaper. Now, in my last year at McGill, I’m thrilled to return to Women in House in hopes of creating a program that will be equally empowering!

To me, Women in House is an essential program at McGill not just because it shows young women that they can work on Parliament Hill someday, but because it enables them to engage critically with politics as a gender issue and to get politically active on campus now. I hope that this year’s Women in House program will continue to incite discussions around equity and intersectionality and challenge the Canadian political status quo.

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