Women in House


Welcome to McGill Women in House! Since 2001, Women in House has encouraged young women to become active in political life by giving female students the opportunity to meet with political leaders and learn about the Canadian political system.

Information about this year’s program can be found on the 2015-2016 Program page.

To reach us, please email womeninhouse@gmail.com


Etana Cain addressing the participants of the 2014-2015 Program

What is Women in House? Women in House is a non-partisan program mandated to increase the female representation in politics by giving female students the opportunity to gain an inside look into the lives of women politicians in the Canadian federal government. The program is open to all McGill students who identify as female, regardless of gender assigned at birth. We aim to foster enthusiasm and a desire for involvement in Canadian politics among our participants, while showcasing the successes of women who have broken through significant gender barriers to enter political life. The McGill program is a fully-subsidized, two-day trip to Ottawa, during which participants take a tour of Parliament, attend Question Period, hear individual speakers and panel discussions, and shadow a female Member of Parliament or Senator.

Who Runs Women in House? Each year, two to three female McGill students are selected to run the Women in House program from a group of applicants made up of previous participants. The 2015-2016 Coordinators are Michelle Lahey, Celeste Matthews, and Allyson Taylor.